BGI Brings Products of Multiple Fields to China Medical Equipment Conference

Grandly hosted the China Medical Equipment Conference and 2021 Medical Equipment Exhibition, from July 15th to 18th, at the Suzhou International Expo Center. BGI·GBI was invited to participate in the 7th National Conference on Laboratory Medicine Technology and Application (CCLTA2021), the 4th 'Belt and Road' Summit Forum and the 7th National Clinical Laboratory Equipment Exhibition and other activities.


Through the satellite conference and the exhibition, BGI·GBI demonstrated to the participants a rich series of products on each platform product line, which can meet different clinical application scenarios and help doctors improve the level of diagnosis and treatment. As a deep cultivator in the field of IVD, BGI·GBI will continue to innovate products and uphold the concept of using advanced diagnostic technology to serve human health, to help the future development of medical equipment and help a healthy China.