GBI-MToF 1000

Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry Detection System 

GBI-MToF 1000 is the matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry detection system. The instrument is an automated high-throughput detection system specially designed for hospitals and clinical testing centers.

As a time-of-flight mass spectrometry detection system that can meet the two functions of nucleic acid typing analysis and microbial identification at the same time. Its advantages of flexible throughput, short detection time, and low cost are favored by the majority of clinical and scientific researchers. It can widely use in clinical, the center for disease control (CDC) and scientific research fields.

GBI-MToF 1000 has obtained NMPA certificate. 

GBI-MToF 1000

Product Features: 

· One Machine for Dual Use: it can realize the perfect combination of microbial identification and nucleic acid detection, and meet the testing needs of different types of samples at the same time.

· Excellent Performance: ultra-high sensitivity, which is conducive to the detection of low-abundance substances; It has ultra-high resolution and effectively reduces false positives.

· Efficient and Fast: with ultra-high throughput, the system can detect 96 samples, and each sample can finish 30 multiplex tests at a time.

· Flexible Compatibility: flexible conversion and strong scalability of dual platforms; compatible with a variety of target plates, a variety of assays can be integrated into the detection platform.

Hardware features:

· Solid-State Laser: using ultra-high frequency, long-life solid-state laser, the performance is better than traditional nitrogen laser, the analysis speed is faster, and maintenance-free for lifetime.

· Ion Source: integrated clean-free ion source, achieve small-angle laser incidence, effectively improve sensitivity.

· Vacuum Pump: intelligent, high pumping speed vacuum pump system, sampling without waiting.

· Modular Design: built-in backing pump, the whole machine structure is more compact, maintenance is simpler.

· Double Pulse Delay Extraction Technique: effectively improve the resolution of the full mass range.

Technical Advantages:

· Collect instantaneous full-spectrum information to greatly improve analysis speed and sensitivity, without losing sample information and traceable.

· Ultra-high-quality resolution and high precision quality facilitate the accurate identification of unknown objects in complex samples.

· Uninterrupted continuous measurement can better reveal the correspondence of ions in the sample and accurately analyze the analyte components.


GBIMToF-1000 system is a multi-functional analyzing tool, which is widely used in various research fields. In addition to the existing commercial solutions, BGI can customize any detection solutions you are interested in and cooperate in the development of pharmacogenomics, oncology, methylation profile analysis, genetic diseases, infectious diseases and other fields. Hope to work with you for the development of precision medicine!

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