Nucleic Acid Extractor

EX-48 Automatic Nucleic Acids Extraction Apparatus

The surface of superparamagnetic nano particles was modified by nanotechnology to prepare superparamagnetic silicon oxide nano magnetic beads. The magnetic bead can specifically recognize and efficiently combine with nucleic acid molecules on the micro interface. Using the superparamagnetism of silica nanospheres, under the action of Chaotropic salt and external magnetic field, DNA and RNA can be separated from blood, animal tissues, food, pathogenic microorganisms and other samples, which can be used in clinical disease diagnosis, blood transfusion safety, forensic identification, environmental microorganism detection, food safety detection, molecular biology research and other fields.

The EX-48 Automatic Nucleic Acids Extraction Apparatus is used in conjunction with the BGI·GBI Viral DNA/RNA Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagent (Magnetic Bead Method), which is suitable for the extraction of viral nucleic acid from human serum and plasma. The apparatus and reagent have obtained NMPA certificate. 

Nucleic Acid Extractor

Product Features:

  • High Specificity: the specific combination of magnetic beads and nucleic acids results in high purity and concentration of extracted nucleic acids. Optimized purification scheme with precise incubation time to achieve high efficiency extraction.

  • Full Automation: high throughput, batch operation, full automation, simple operation.

  • Short Time:48 samples can be extracted at the same time in 20~30 minutes.

  • Safe & Reliable: closed chamber, disposable consumables, reduced contact between operators and reagents; safe and non-toxic, no benzene, chloroform and other toxic reagents are used, reducing exposure hazards.

  • Stable & Effective: strict control of inter-well and inter-batch contamination. Intelligent avoidance of personal error and cross-contamination, stable results and good reproducibility.

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