2021 CACLP-GBI's Brilliant Highlights

In the 18th CACLP, BGI·GBI participated in the joint exhibition with MGI under the theme of 'Coagulate new strength and Share widom for win-win'.

2021 CACLP—华大吉比爱精彩纷呈

GBI's Exhibition Stand

From March 28th to March 30th, 2021, the 18th CACLP Expo was held in Chongqing. Nearly 1,200 exhibitors participated in the exhibition. On the site were the crowd with enthusiasm. Under the theme of 'Coagulate new strength and Share widom for win-win', BGI·GBI exhibited products with own private property rights, which won unanimous praise from all walks of life in the industry!

2021 CACLP—华大吉比爱精彩纷呈

GBI Mass Spectrometry Platform and POCT New Product Launch Conference

Our company demonstrated the mass spectrometry platform, POCT platform automatic instrument and supporting reagents. The one-stop solution of fully automatic mass spectrometry solves the problems of complicated manual operation of the mass spectrometer platform. It has a wide range of applications, with strong compatibility and easy operation. With the industry-leading technology, it has established our company's core competitiveness and industry status in the field of mass spectrometry. 

2021 CACLP—华大吉比爱精彩纷呈

GBIMTOF-1000 Mass Spectrometer (Left)

MSP-96 Full-automatic Sample Processing System (Right)

For the POCT platform there are not only outpatient testing items such as myocardium, inflammation, hormones, etc., but also feature items such as stomach function and pregnancy. Actively following the trend of 'graded diagnosis and treatment' our POCT products help the development of primary medical care.

2021 CACLP—华大吉比爱精彩纷呈