Full-Automatic Sample Processing System

MSP-96 MSP-96 full-automatic sample processing system is independently developed and produced by Beijing BGI-GBI Biotech Co., Ltd. It is a high-throughput automatic sample processing system designed for clinical use. The system can process medical samples such as nucleic acids and microorganisms before analysis. At present, it can be matched with mainstream time-of-flight mass spectrometry instruments on the market, compatible with multiple specifications of target boards, and can provide more choices for terminals such as hospitals, third-party laboratories, and disease control and inspection centers.

MSP-96 automatic sample processing system has obtained NMPA certificate. 


Product Features: 

· Full-automatic multi-functional sample processing platform, small and flexible.

· Compatible with a variety of target plates, strong sample processing capacity, realize time-of-flight mass spectrometry sample processing automation.

· The software operation interface is simple and intuitive, which meets the different needs of customers.

· Intelligent temperature control system for sample preparation and preservation.

· Equipped with running status indicator to dynamically monitor abnormal status.

· The ultraviolet disinfection function protects the safety of operators and laboratories and effectively reduces biosecurity risks.

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